Balloominate LED balloons


The Balloominate LED Balloon is a new innovative colour changing balloon product.

The patent pending design of Balloominate allows for this creative product to be both visually appealing whilst concentrating on safe fun for the user.

Developed and designed in the United Kingdom, Balloominate colour changing balloons both enhance and increase the uses available to a much loved party product, from simple illuminated parties to corporate branding and promotional events.

The unique free movement of the product allows for use both with the ‘Balloominate’ balloons or insertion into the customers own balloons for branding, promotion or entertainment requirements.

Testing and Safety:

Balloominate LED Balloons are rigorously and independently tested both in the UK by UKAS accredited testing facilities and in Asia.

Balloominate is fully compliant with European testing requirements including;

  • EN71-1 Mechanical properties
  • EN71-2 Flammability
  • EN71-3 Heavy Metal Content
  • EN62115 Safety of Electronic Toys and EMC requirements

And American (ASTM) and Canadian Toy safety standards.

The balloon element of the Balloominate product complies with the recently introduced European legislation concerning Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH’s) in products.

Children under 8 years can suffocate or choke on broken or un-inflated balloons. Discard broken balloons immediately. Not suitable for children under 36 months.

Design, Manufacture and Brand:

The patent pending design element of the product allows for maximum illumination whilst offering a safe non projectile solution should the product be rapidly deflated by the user.

Balloominate is the first and only colour changing balloon on the market. When used at night or indoors after dark, the product completely changes people’s perception of the old fashioned balloon product, into an interactive and constantly evolving light source.

We are proud that all aspects of the product, from conception through to its branding and creatively designed packaging and marketing material, are designed and created in the United Kingdom.


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